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  Compensation for 3.35 players
Dear players:

Because of Eternion80(3.3.5a WOTLK) Realm database cannot restore, so we have to close this realm. It is a really hard decision. We are really sorry that we cannot keep running this oldest realm. Whole Eternion-wow Team want to make compensation to old players. The following compensation are only for old players who played on Eternion80 and other WOTLK Realms.

For VIP players, who donated Eternion-wow by paypal or credit card.

a. If you have the donation record that will make things simple. The records from paypal paid page, or the email you received from paypal, the credit card paid record in your bank web page. If you have these payment proof, you can get 120% rewards. For example:If you donated 100$ before, we will send you 120$ items in total as compensation.

b. If you cannot offer donation records, you need at least 2 GMs to prove you really donated before, and had these gears. Then you won’t gain extra 20% cost payment. Admin will check and send the gears back to your character.

For normal old players, we will compensate your accounts depend on your account online time. The online time is according to the account registered time and the last login time. And our system already separated your account to different levels.
There are three levels for compensation.
Level 1, you will receive the Lavaroaring Set, 1000 Magic Gold, and other trinkets.
Level 2, you will receive Earth Keeper Set, 2000 Magic Gold, and other trinkets.
Level 3, you will receive Earth Keeper II Set, 3000 Magic Gold, and other trinkets.

How to receive your compensation?
1. Create a new character on Deathwing/Hellscream Realm.
2. Check your account on this site: http://www.eternion-wow.com/compensation.php.
3. Choose your character which you want to get compensation, then submit.
4. Administrator will check your application and send out the compensation.

If you have any problem, just Contact Us. Email: [email protected] Or the Contact Us Function at Website.

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