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2. You have to use Eternion-wow Launcher to play.
Download Eternion-wow Launcher to your WOW folder.

a. Windows Eternion-wow Launcher (Today Downloaded:; Total downloaded:).
b. MAC Eternion-wow Launcher(Zip files, need release to use)
(Today Downloaded:; Total downloaded:)
3. Open wow folder and run Eternion-wow Launcher.It will download Patches automatic

If your client can not read Custom gears information, like " Rechieving Item Information", or some items with mark "?", Please Relog 2 or 3 times with Eternion-wow Launcher.

Realmlist for WOTLK Player: list.eternion-wow.com
Realmlist for Cataclysm Player: list2010.eternion-wow.com

About the launcher for 4.3.2
1). If you have the error about failed to read file DBFilesClient\Startup_Strings.dbc when you run our launcher for your 4.3.2 game client, which is caused by firewall,please do following steps.Make your firewall allows to run the launcher, or add it to your full trust list.Our launcher is safe, please do not worry about this.If you have allowed to run the launcher,just relog the launcher two times.

If you have this problem when you run our launcher on your 4.3.2,it's normal.This will not affect your login.

Host: ventrilo.eternion-wow.com
Port :30428
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